Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day #3 | Parental Responsibility

As a parent you have a responsibility to make sure your child has basic water survival skills.  A study commissioned by USA Swimming revealed that almost 70-percent of African American children cannot swim.  If you can't swim you can drown.  It's a life or death situation.


Check the stats:

US swimming stats

  • USA Swimming/University of Memphis study found ethnic differences
  • 68.9% of African-American children with no or low ability to swim
  • 57.9% of Hispanic children
  • 41.8% of white children
  • Study quizzed 2,000 children and parents in six US cities
  • CDC recorded 3,443 fatal accidental drownings in 2007
  • Drowning is second greatest cause of accidental death in children under 14
  • African-American children aged 5 to 14 3.1 times more likely to drown

Theories for low black American swimming rates

  • Propagation of incorrect scientific theories such as black people being much less buoyant
  • Historic factors going as far back as slaves not being allowed to learn to swim
  • Denial of access to pools in 1920s and 30s causing ripple effect to present day
  • Lack of municipal pools in predominantly black neighbourhoods in 1960s onwards
  • Perception of swimming as elitist or white sport

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